How To Get Rid of Skin Tags?

How To Get Rid of Skin Tags?

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As long as skin tags are not troublesome, you can ignore them. However, if there is excessive growth or having a negative on your appearance, you can go for remedial measures. There are various kinds of options to get rid of skin tags. You can go for natural methods or surgery. Certain kinds of tags should be removed by surgeons only. If the skin tags are present near the eyelids, they should be removed by dermatologist only. In some cases, eye specialists will perform the operation.

Home options

If you tie the tag around the base with a piece of string, it will be cut automatically. This process will take several ways. However, the tag will fall off and it will not cause pain. Even though the freezing technique is carried out in hospitals, it can be accomplished at home as well. You can purchase the relevant kit and the instructions mentioned on top of them should be followed. When you perform freezing operation at home, it should be restricted for small tags only.

If you apply apple cider vinegar on skin tags, it will help in removal of tags in an effortless manner. The treatment can be repeated again and again at a frequency of 3 to 4 days. You can also apply tea tree oil to remove skin tags.

Medical options

If you apply liquid nitrogen, the skin tag will be frozen up. When the skin is subjected to freezing or burning process, the color of the skin will change. In such cases, the operation might be repeated if the tag is not repeated completely. You can also use either electrical cautery or Hyfrecator so that the tag will be removed. In some cases, tags can be removed by scissors as well. Especially, when the tags are very small, they can be removed quite easily. If the skin tags are removed through scissors bleeding will occur. However, growth can be arrested immediately.

Even though there is no evidence that removal of tags will intensify the growth of more tags, in most of the cases, tags should be removed twice or more times. If you consult the doctor, the doctor will be able to remove the skin tag. However, it will not be covered under insurance as the operation comes under the cosmetic surgery.

Issues after the removal of skin tags

When the skin tags are removed through cutting, there is a chance of getting affected by a skin infection.  Hence, it is very much important to use new implements and they should be used after sterilization. For small tags, you can use nail clippers instead of using scissors. Cotton balls should be kept handy so that you can use them in case of bleeding.

If the tags are large, you should visit the clinic as you can take help from experts. If there is a change in size or color of the skin tag, you should pay a visit to the hospital. It is very rare to find out malignant tags. The doctors will let you go through special tests to figure out the presence of malignancy. If you had attempted the removal of a tag and were not successful, you can consult the doctor. The doctor will remove the same without further complications. Even if there is bleeding, you can take medical advice so that the situation will not worsen.

Tag removal time

In most of the cases, the tag will be removed within 3 days. In some people it will also take up to one week. As the skin condition is different for different kinds of people, the results will vary from one person to another person.

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