Lower Back Muscles

Lower Back Muscles

Lower Back MusclesLower Back Muscles

Lower back muscles comprise of various elements which will overlap one another and it will form a core structure. There will be tendons, soft tissues, muscles, sensitive nerves, joints and spinal disc will form part of the structure. If there is disturbance in any of these elements, it will lead to lower back pain. Erector spinae, latissimus dorsi and multifidi are the muscles that will support the lower back. Hence, it is required to ensure the health of these muscles so that you will be free from lower back pain.


If the lower back muscles are pulled and if you are suffering from pain, you can undertake special exercises so that the muscles will be strengthened. As a matter of fact, when a muscle is pulled it will take time to heal itself. Sufficient rest is required so that the muscle will retain its original strength. The exercises as suggested by experts will let you increase the power of muscles and the recovery will happen in an effective manner. By adding a few of the strengthening exercises to your regular workouts, you will get lots of health benefits.

How to tackle pain associated with the lower back muscles?

The pain that is associated with the lower back muscles should be treated in a careful way. If the pain is serious in nature, you should consult the doctor. If you go for pain killers, you will not address the root cause for the pain. Hence, instead of going for self medication, doctor’s advice should be heeded. The doctor will check the condition and based on the severity tests will be conducted. Treatment will be initiated after going through the diagnosis.

The area that causes pain should get sufficient flow of blood. Hot bath with Epsom salt will give great relief. Lower back stretch exercises such as knee hold, side knee drop and partner pull are suggested. While doing various kinds of exercises, you should not stretch beyond your capacity. It is also required to carry out exercises in the right direction. Wrong technique will lead to further complications. By taking the help of a fitness professional, you can carry out various exercises without any difficulty. Lying down on a flat bed and taking sufficient rest are also important measures to get relief from pain that is associated with the lower back muscles.

Exercises to strengthen muscles

If you implement wall squats, muscles in the abdomen and lower back area will be strengthened. By taking the support of a sturdy wall, this exercise can be accomplished. The back will be held against the wall and you will bend on your knees to lower the body. You should hold for 5 to 6 seconds when you are at 45 degree angle. This exercise can be done for 10 times. Similarly, planks can be done so that core muscles will be strengthened. Back extensions can also be carried out so that muscles will be strengthened in a natural way. The precaution that you should take while doing various kinds of exercises is that you should not stretch beyond your capacity.

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