Signs of Bronchitis

Signs of Bronchitis

Signs of BronchitisSigns of Bronchitis

Bronchitis affects the majority of the current generation because of the poor hygienic conditions. Passive or active smoking will certainly increase the risk of the spread of the disease. Patients suffering with bronchitis will have difficulty to breathe in a normal way. It will be difficult to inhale and exhale air if you are affected by bronchitis. By taking precautionary measures and medication, it is possible to overcome and live a normal life.

What are the signs?

If there is persistent dry cough, it can be suspected for bronchitis. There will also be an infection in the upper respiratory region. There will be a continuous production of sputum from the lungs which will be white and clear. If the infection progresses, it will lead to the growth of bacteria and the sputum will be in dark colors such as green, yellow or brown. In addition to the generation of sputum, there will also be other symptoms.

Wheezing, crackling or burning pain might be witnessed in some patients. There will be difficulty in taking breathe at a normal pace. The patient might suffer with a low grade temperature as well. There will also be general weakness in the person. If there is a persistent cough, the patient might suffer from sleeplessness as well. The symptoms will be present for about 3 to 7 days. However, the cough will remain for many weeks even after the decline of the infection.

Impact of bronchitis

If the bronchitis are not treated, it will lead to complications in future. When acute bronchitis are not treated, it may convert into pneumonia or chronic bronchitis. It is more prevalent in people with suppressed immune system. If the person is affected by chronic bronchitis, there will be constriction of airways. The patient may catch asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Diagnosis and treatment

In order to check the presence of bronchitis, the doctor will check the lung condition. In addition to the examination of sounds, lung functionality will be conducted. Chest X-ray will be suggested to figure out the presence of a tumor or any other serious issue. Doctors will also assess the present as well as past health history. If you are suffering from any other medical condition the same should be informed to the doctor.

If a patient suffers from viral bronchitis, he or she will be healed automatically. In order to avoid the congestion, the intake of fluid should be increased. The intake of water should be more when the patient suffers from fever. It is very much important to have sufficient rest. If a patient suffers from back pain due to cough, the doctor will prescribe suitable syrup to overcome the difficulty. If there is continuous cough, you will be treated with a bronchodilator. It is a kind of drug which is used to treat asthma. When the mucus is removed through inhalers or nebulizers, it will be easy for the patient to breath normally.

If a patient is suffering from bacterial bronchitis, it should be treated with antibiotics. Self medication should be avoided. It is very much important to consult the chest physician and right kind of medication should be used. There might be some side effects with the drugs that are used for treating bronchitis.

Preventive measures

You should not be exposed to smoke (passive or active). You should wash your hands frequently so that the disease will not spread from one person to another person. Immunization measures will certainly improve the health of the patient. The situations and food items which might lead to constriction of chest should be avoided so that you will enjoy normal health.

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