How To Remove a Mole?

How To Remove a Mole?

How To Remove a Mole?How To Remove a Mole?

We are living in the age where various kinds of operations can be performed on the human body. When you look at the job of organ transplantation, the removal of moles should be very simple. It is true that you can remove a mole present on your skin in an effortless manner. The removal can happen on a permanent basis. As a matter of fact, the formation of moles on the human body is quite natural and most of them are present from the time of birth. Removal of a mole can be achieved through surgical and non-surgical methods.

Surgical removal

When a mole is removed through surgery, it will leave a permanent scar on the skin. At the time of surgery, local anesthesia will be offered and the mole will be removed through a scalpel. The removal of moles will be permanent when you go through the surgical process. You should also note that it is a very expensive process. When you suspect that there are any changes on the mole surface, you should consult the doctor. The doctor will check the condition and you might go through lab tests. If it is cancerous, the mole should be removed and doctor will advise you in this matter.

Natural remedies

It is possible to remove a mole by applying natural remedies.  The juice that is derived from acidic fruits and castor oil can be used to apply on top of the mole. These ingredients are easily available from stores. You are required to apply the liquid in a number of sessions so that the mole will be removed completely. The greatest advantage is that there will not be any scar in this process. If you have enough patience, you can go through this natural process which can be accomplished from the comforts of your home.

Moles can also be treated naturally by applying the apple cider vinegar on the affected skin. The liquid can be applied by using a cotton swab. It should be allowed to remain on the skin for about 10 to 15 minutes. Shrinkage of the moles will happen at a gradual pace and the moles will vanish completely in due course of time.

It will take a few weeks of time to be healed from moles completely. The paste that is derived from garlic can also be tried to remove moles in a natural way. The greatest advantage with natural methods is that there will not be any side effects on the body.

If it is difficult to prepare natural extracts, you can purchase ready made solutions that are available in the market. Products that are prepared with Aloe Vera or Tea Tree Oil will help you in this context.  Various other products which will give great results include grapefruit juice, strawberries, banana peels and 5% Iodine solution.

When should you remove the mole?

The mole should be removed after consulting the doctor. The doctor will check the mole and will figure out whether it is harmful or harmless. If the mole poses a threat as a cancerous growth, it should be removed surgically. There are two kinds of surgical procedures. When Excision with cauterization is selected, the mole will be removed from the level of the skin. The skin will be cauterized later. In the second procedure, the mole will be cut off completely and it the skin will be stitched together.

Risks associated with home treatments

If the mole is removed through natural methods, it is good. However, when you go through trial and error means, you might want to suffer in certain circumstances. If the mole is removed on a person by using a certain kind of ingredient, it is not guaranteed that the same will work for your skin. The skin quality and complexion are different from one person to another person. Hence, various factors should be taken into consideration before using a product.

Especially, if you wish to remove moles that are present on your face, special care should be taken so that it will not worsen the condition. Moles at some areas on the face will amplify the beauty. Hence, it is not required to remove moles in such cases. It is advisable to take the advice of the doctor so that you will remove moles in a safe way.

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